Saturday, 6 April 2013

Lee and Cragg - Lofty and Paul!

Me owd mucker Lofty recently got himself back into mountain biking and we had been trying to get a ride sorted for a while, we finally managed it on Saturday with him and Paul coming over to ride Lee Quarry.

They had never been over here before so it was a good opportunity to show them around.

Met up in glorious sunshine at Futures and had a good chat. Paul was on a pig which he had just set up and unfortunatly the gears gave him problems all the way around, but by the end of the ride he was loving the frame.

Tough climb up on the slabs then we all hit the slab without issues and I took the lads over to the skills area. We managed all 3 runs and decided to head up to Cragg.

The lads hadnt ridden in 2 weeks and were feeling it a bit coming up the loop when Lofty started with cramp. Poor lad was suffering in both legs so we took it easy with plenty of stops.

By the time we got to Cragg the cramps were getting worse so we only did half the loop before heading back down to lee. Belting run more or less from the top of the link road all the way to the car, taking in the red. Buzzing at the end although my maintenance regime has now come home to roost.

Top shock bush gone.
Shock pissed oil out and was squeaking like a canary.
First three rings on the cassette detached and wobbling around. This one is the killer as I;ve had this drivetrain since I got the bike and will therefore no doubt mean the replacement cassette will need a new chain and chainrings also.

Oh well, at least it will be in good shape for Summer.

Cracking ride out and great to catch up with some old friends.

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