Thursday, 18 April 2013


So took Graham and Mart up on the offer a joining them for their regular Wednesday rides. Managed to get to the Coach and Horses for 5.30 to meet the lads. Fuck me it was windy. However G played a master stroke of navigation and headed us out into the headwind via the forests so we were pretty well covered.

Bit of a climb out of Edenfield and We were into the woods that I went through when we rode the turbines last year. However halfway down I spotted a loose rocky track to the side and asked what that was... "Mikes wife's lane" or something like that. The lads were a bit surprised that I have never rode it so we climbed back up and went down. Fucking great fun!!! Big rocks loose and techy... was ace.

Hereabouts I got completely lost but we went through Summerseat woods I think and arrived at the Hare and Hounds. Turned around here and headed up to moor road which was inspired as the wind was that strong it was blowing us uphill!!! Off road and we scooted along to the Robin Hoods Well down. Lovely and fast but lost my footing on the FUCKING FLAT PEDALs that I am really struggling to get to grips with. Still arrived a the bottom intact with a big beaming smile.

Scuttled around the valley, through Haslingden and then a brutal climb up to the Halo. Cant believe I;'ve never even seen this feature before, but got a good shot of G riding under it.

From here I had a quick blast on Marts Blur. Felt like a kids bike as it was so short, it didn't feel right at all for some reason, probably a size too small for me. Next up was a Downhill to Rawtenstall. The lads warned me that it was a bit loose and so it was... brilliant fun. sliding all over the shop, two wheel drifts, the lot! a proper hoot!

Couple of pints to end off in a pub somewhere which was ace, then the long climb back up to the car into the teeth of the hurricane.

Deffo going to make this a fortnightly ride. Fits in really well when I dont have the girls, plus there appears to be a smorgasbord of little trails all over the shop round there.

Cracking night oot!


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fortnightly rammy rides you say?....interesting

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Toss said...

"Mikes wife's lane"??? WTF??! Get Fucked.