Friday, 5 April 2013

Getting fitter gets you too the pub that bit faster

Thursday night. Been dry for what seems like ages now and a lot of the snow has relented. We intended to have a nice fast blast this evening and then to the pub for cheeky beers.

Toss, Jase, JD and myself set of at a roaring pace and were soon sailing up Coal Pit on what was a lovely night. The sun was setting but we were just too far behind to catch it properly. Jase got a cracking pic of the siloette though

I had a functioning front brake this week and was quite looking forward to San Marino and was not dispointed. Jase and me flying down, but he somehow found a line into the spanial that kept his speed up whereas I minced around the left side, he was gone then even with me pedalling like fuck to try and tag him. Was superb though. Dry and fast. I hope we see it in this shape for a few rides this year!

Toss and JD made it down intact and we headed off to the tap. Not been in here for ages and it was ace. Cheap quality ale and mighty fine crack with Pikey turning up later too.

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