Friday, 29 March 2013

Back to the Bull - Thursday nights ride again

Its Good Friday! Everyones off so I persuaded Eldest that she would be fine babysitting herself. A ride to the pub it was to be!

The recent snow had been melting a bit so we headed up the hill via Coal Pit. Jase, the lazy twat, had been using the car all week so was itching to get out and stretch his legs. This rather unfortunately involved ripping mine and Tossers off and beating us with them. Fucking RECORD time up to the mast. I was fucked trying to keep up with the big bastard and Toss was utterly delirious.

Was a stunning night though. Lovely cold, crisp and clear with some great views over the moors. We decided to plunge down San Marino, however, my ongoing issues with my front brake came to a head with the lever coming right to the bars and no effect on braking. Fuck.

Was a crying shame too as San Marino was in the best shape I;d seen it in months. Hard dry and fast, just the wrong kind of fast to consider with only a back brake. Jase, on his new Five was at the bottom by the time me and Toss had set off, beaming from ear to ear. I was pleased to make it down in one piece.

Up to the Bull for beers and a welcome return to the hallowed Hostilery. Ale was superb as always and we even entered the quiz! 7 Pints later and a nice sedate ride home ended what was a cracking night.


Anonymous said...

Spot on Ride but I was rough as fuck Friday. 7 is too many for me these days... Cunt. T

Jason said...

Good Ride, Excellent Crack, New bike is ace, Toss you're a puff.