Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Unexpected local miles!

Saturday with no kids! However due to a long winded and utterly boring reason I had no car so couldn't pop up to the lakes like I planned. Plus for some reason, after commuting twice in the week, my legs were feeling a little empty. Not happy with that state of affairs. So I decided to have a local one.

Set off about 11 with nowhere in particular in mind and found myself heading up to Blow Job Alley. Only a couple of bummers milling around, but I did notice that the gates and fence posts have all been sprayed PINK!

Piss Poor was quite easy and it was about this point that I realised that I wasn't tired, at all. In fact I felt very very strong in the legs and pushed a pretty big gear all the way up. This commuting and running lark is really paying off finally. Piss Poor was however, very fucking wet. Soaking and muddy in fact. By the time I go to the end I was covered head to toe in shit.

Into the car park at Slipper Lowe and plunged down the rocky track, ace fun getting pinged about all over the place. Sharp climb up to the cafe was again dispatched without too much effort. I thought I'd break from the norm here and head over to Sunnyhurst Woods via the steep cobbles. Was a nice run actually and started the long long diagonal climb up to Darwen Moor. Again felt really easy. Tagged the tower and clocked the wonderful views, then flew back down. Blasted past a load of riders on Stepback and stopped when I recognised Danny. Had a quick chinwag and realised it was the Boggies. Set off again and recognised a few of the riders but was having too much fun on the descent. Its been ripped to hell over winter and is now an ace fast rocky blast. Two old dears held the gate open for me and the long fast jumpy track to the cafe was nailed. Had a brew in the Cafe and, still feeling fresh I decided to head over to Rivi to bag the Pike and make it a mini 2 Towers ride. Was just leaving when Donk emerged from Roddlesworth. Nice to have a catch up, not been riding with Dave since Snowdon last year. He was on his ludicrously light carbon single speed pain inducing weapon of torture.

Bid farewell and blasted along through the mud of Piss Poor again, but over the Dam to Belmont. Even the road climb up Sheep House Lane felt easy, although the pouring rain was a bit of a pain in the arse here. Fast blast along Belmont Road and up the Pike. By this time the rain had cleared and the views were brill.

Blasted down the rocks to the gate and then rather than head over the hill to San Marino (Donk had said it was a bog) I took the road to Bobs Smithy then down the Golf Course.

All up nearly 30 miles but only 2.5k of climbing! Laverly day out.

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