Friday, 7 September 2012

"Anal Beads ??!!??"

Ohh... 2 Thursdays on the trott!! Just me and Toss again as Weester was apparently polishing his gleaming scrotum and Wors was stiring up a diplomatic incident with his bell end in Portugal.

Still the weather looked promising, sunshine all fucking day, however rather predictably the clouds were gathering on the drive home. Shit traffic meant that I was late in and had to shove a full chicken madras down and then set off some 15mins later. Not a good combination. Praps as well that me and Toss were in no hurry, it was actually a lovely warm night but the clouds on the horizon forwarned of rain.

Usual route up the hill, past coal pit and then up the path. The steep drop corner nearly claiming toss in a comedy OTB's incident but he survived.

At the top of the hill, we could see the full on rain clouds heading towards us with vengance, so elected to take San Marino to the pub as it would have been substantially quicker that the shoulder. Toss had brought out his SLR too this evening in the hope that he could catch some nice sunset pics. Instead he got a pretty good wanking face, if I say so myself.... been a while since we had a good one on camera... er.. a picture, not a wank.

Heading up to SM and Toss once again got a cracking pic, really pleased with this one actually.

SLR's really do make a hell of a difference when taking decent pics.

SO with the tempest rapidly approaching, we flew down SM. Fuck me its cut up and rutted. I hardly recognized the run from the last time. Few sketchy moments but got down ok with Toss not far behind. All the Rhododendrons in the wood have been cut back so this is now mega fast also.

Our timing was spot on because as we started to climb up to the Bull, the first spots of rain started. Halfway up we got a shout from a passing car and it turned out it was Athers, Toss's ale loving colleague. Kind of a coincidence actually as earlier Toss was discussing the fact that Athers still hadnt been to the Bull. He duly turns around and joined us in the pub for one. Turns out he was picking up his Daughter from Uni at Preston and a couple of her mates. Nice Lass actually, however the conversations split into Toss, me and Athers and her and her mates. It was kind of unfortunate actually that as a lull in our conversation arrived, hers finished with "and I'm getting some Anal Beads for Christmas". I'm not sure if she meant it to sound as loud as it did, however the damage was done. Toss and myself heroically surpressing giggles until Athers' entourage bid farewell, we both enquired as to whether we had both heard correctly then pissed ourselves.

Another cracking evening on the Ale. Al announced however that the pub is really struggling. Indeed this was borne out by a disappointing turn out for the quiz, although the number of hot young ladies there has risen considerably. Be a damn shame if things dont work out for him.

We were blessed that night as when it was time to leave, the rain had stopped and we had a nice spin home on a traffic free Belmont Road as it was closed due to a burst main.

Cracking night out.

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Toss said...

Love it! Long time coming David but worth the wait :-)