Friday, 31 August 2012

The Thursday night pub ride returns!!

A Free thursday night! Excellent forecast too but just me and Toss out unfortunatly. Toss initially stated that the ride was strictly "no beer". However and rather predictably he text about 3 mins before the ride to ask if Beer was available. But of course.

So in glorious sunshine we set off for the hill. Was a lovely run up at a reasonable pace. I did have the intention of riding Kennels, ICR etc... but the promise of beer shortened the ride and we ascended the hill and went down the Shoulder.

Paused at the top of the shoulder to check out the view.... FUCKING STUINNING is the best way to describe it.

The View stretched from the Lakeland hill, Isle of Man (very clear) and Snowdonia.

Off we set down the shoulder, very slippery with the amount of water on the ground, but brill fun all the same. Piss Poor was soaking wet so took our time and then the final run down to the Hallowed Hostilery. just about needing lights by the time we arrived. It was also getting bloody cold. Turned out that it was the coldest August night on record.

Ale in the pub was COTN, Derwent Blond and Pendle. all ace of course. Poor Al has fucking his shoulder and his misses cant get a visa so he was even more morouse than normal.

Pub was rammed with quiz players and a sizable amount of eye candy was in which was nice.

Leisurly ride home in the clear night sky rounded of a wonderful evening on the bike!


D0NK said...

nice to be out when the weathers good eh?

I think your ride reports should have a "time spent in pub vs time spent on bike" ratio at the end. If it ever drops below 2:1 I reckon banks brewery will send some operatives round to close all the trails that don't have a pub at the end :-)

Toss said...

Nice one David!