Monday, 13 August 2012

The Return!

right, keeping up with recent tradition and start the blog with this.

Fucking get in!!

Not ridden in Yonks it felt like, other than a couple of commutes, I had rested the knee both intentionally and unintentionally. SO a free Thursday pops up with, wait for it, a good forecast!

Just me and Jay out so I was a little apprehensive that the big cunt would rip my fucking legs off, but fair play to the lad, he was well gentle and even tender in his care of me.

Up through Horrocks and onto Scout road I was feeling the lack of exercise, and coal pit didn't do me any favours either. I suggested we did a proper ride and the idea was up the Hill, shoulder, ICR, Pike, Hill and San Marino (to see if it is as cut up as everyone was making out).

Coal Pit path had held up pretty well and although a little damp, it wasn't too bad. Got to the top of the hill and Jase screamed off down the shoulder. I was struggling a little bit with line choices being a bit rusty, but it was fucking great fun. The steep section had plenty of grip and we both flew down it. Took a cracking OTB at the bottom as well, following jay through the fence a moments inattention and I was over the bars before I knew it!

Scoot along the bumpy Belmont road and I was loving being out. Got my second wind and the weather was really helping the general mood.

At the top of the ICR Jay realised that his light had no charge in it, so, being cautious we decided to bin the ICR and just head back up the Hill via the kennels. Push up was made all the easier by the cracking views of the sun setting.

Up to the top of the hill and the legs were ok which pleasantly surprised me. Off we set down SM, I was a bit circumspect but still managed a fairly good run. Ok it was a little rutted, but nothing really too major, if anything its added to the challenge. Bit smiles at the bottom and the final spin home was done in double quick time.

I was fucking buzzing. I;ve missed so much biking this year and the rides we have got in have been blighted by the weather, but this was just a return to form! Its what biking is all about, plus me knees were ok thank fuck.


D0NK said...

Wahey riding again good stuff, welcome back :-)

Toss said...

welcome back indeed matey! T

Toss said...

welcome back indeed matey! T