Monday, 30 July 2012


In line with recent posts... I'll start with this.


Thursday night ride. First in Ages, with the lads, with beers. I was positivly bursting with enthusiasm for this ride. I had rested the knee for nearly 4 weeks and was feeling pretty good. Later start than normal at 7.30 but no matter, quick blast over the hill and then onto the Bull for ALE.

So we reached horrocks fold when I realise that my rear mech is skipping all over the place. A quick inspection and I noticed that the chain was jumping off the bottom jockey wheel. Strange, so puts it back on, only to come straight off again. Great, the jockey wheel is completely fucked. So thats that for the ride.

I shoot straight back home in free wheel and grab the Hack bike. Off I set and get to Scout road, pop, puncture. By this time it was raining also. Plus my Knee was now beginning to give a bit of pain. Change the tube, pump up and down it goes. I'd packed a punctured tube. Fucking brilliant.

Walked home, in the rain with a sore knee.

Fucking fuck.


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Don't have sypmpathy for him, he's a useless Twat. Piss Poor Planning