Monday, 2 July 2012



Tendonitis in both knees. Minimum 2 weeks rest off the bike. Dont like the fucking sound of that. Terrible timing too. I'm missing Toss and JD's birthday beers at the Hare and Hounds beer festival AND the Manchester to Blackpool.

Pissed off does not cover it.


D0NK said...

that sucks, hope they're sorted soon.

Julbags said...

Tendons are pesky bloody things, can take ages to heal. Has the doc referred you for physio or anything apart from rest?

BadlyWiredDog said...

Ouch - rest up and get better soon mate. As an aside, it always amuses me that your blog 'may contain adult content', so I click yes and was immensely gratified that the first word was 'Fuck!' Keep on keeping on :-)

Toss said...

Take it easy old son - you'll soon be back & as normal - "like you'd never been off a bike" T