Monday, 25 June 2012

Holy shit, very nearly a road ride. Forgive me

So after Wednesday's problems with the knee I was a bit cautious about riding again until I could see the doctor. The appointment wasnt till Tuesday however an opportunity arose that I couldn't resist. Karen was in Bolton with me, but we had to go back via her School Fair in Bagilt. I hatched a plan to borrow pikey's commuter and cycle from Bagilt along the sleepy quiet roads to Prestatyn and then follow the coast path to Colwyn. All signposted as the North Wales Cycleway.

Lovely day dawned but with a horrendous headwind. Perfect kiting weather but orrible for cycling. Steady constant headwind with no let up at all.

Started with a big fuck off climb up to the A55 and then some lovely back roads in the Clwyd foothills. The place is steeped with history too. Spotted this standing carved cross with a bit of a write up on it.

The road took a steep dip and weaved its way into Prestatyn. Here I picked up the coastal path. Would have been a lovely run all the way to Colwyn but for the head wind. Still, the views were lovely.

Knee started hurting at about Rhyl, but carried on and finished off with the big fuck off hill climb up to Colwyn Heights. Was pretty fucked to be honest really even though it was only 35 miles, all practically on road). Still was lovely to be getting out and turning the cranks.


D0NK said...

a road rides better than no ride

Mike said...

Fucking hell a road ride?? I dunno what the fuck is going on like, I've found myself in the same boat recently.