Thursday, 21 June 2012

Last of the Sunshine ?? Start of the problems

So a free Wednesday night!! No one was able to join me but I wasn't about to miss the opportunity to get out. Forecast was wonderful so I headed off. Nice easy run up past Horrocks the sun was beating down and it almost felt like summer. Through the forest and up the bump track, cleared it without a dab, but was proper blowing out of my star at the top. Loads of walkers out and about, and spotted a few Jocksters too going up the mast road.

As the weather was good, I thought I'd do the full "3 descents ride" as started with popping onto two lads. Quick pause and I set off down to the kennels. Watched a video the other week of some lads messing around on this bit and spotted the big fucking bombhole jump on the way down. No chance I was trying it though. Got the the bottom beaming as it was a good run, but still bottled the chute, came down the grass to the right of the steps instead.

Along Georges and up to the pike. It was packed up here, loads of bikers and walkers so I set of pretty handy like and headed to the ICR. Wonderful run down here. Its seems to have changed a lot since the last time I came down, probably a combination of 4x4's and the heavy June rain. Still was great fun.

Climbed back up through the gardens and had a flat halfway through the tree's. This was horrendous as soon as I stopped the biters were on me. Horrific. Quickest tube change ever had me off, but the damage had been done, eaten alive.

It was here about the my left knee started to ache on the outside. The long tendon at the rear of the knee was gradually getting worse, I carried on hoping that it would loosen up.

Hole in't wall did not do it any favours and my the time I got to the top of San Marino it was screaming at me. Every bump hurt as well as every pedal, so took it relatively easy on the descent.

Spun home and counted my midge bites on my legs. Fooking millions, knee killing me but a lovely ride out in what proved to be the last of the sunshine for a while.

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