Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ice Riding

I am finally the proud owner of a dropper post now. However, this has lead to a bit of a problem. Being a right old mardy arse I hate having a wet arse and therefore cant do without a rear mud guard. The dropper post excludes the required amount of post to put one on there with a light, so Jase spotted This fella.

So it arrived on Wednesday, bit of a faf to fit but looks ok. I thought I'd shoot out for an impromptu test. Saddled up and headed up winter hill.

What a lovely night... bright moon light and biting cold had frozen the ground rock solid and the moors were riding ace. Up Coal pit, solo in the dark was fun, noticed a few glints in the night of some other distant bikers.

Got to the top of the mast road and it was savagely cold with the wind chill, so much so I had to put gloves and a buff on for the drop down San Marino.

The upper section was outrageous. Because the cold snap came straight on the heels of a wet spell, the upper reaches are sheet ice. Managed to get down to the spaniel from where it was ok, but the top was unrideable.

The swamp that was the forest only the week before was hard as iron making it a great blast. Only the ride home along Belmont road left and it completed.

No mud to test the rear guard, but a cracking ride !! I love frozen trails.

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toss said...

That "Mud Guard" looks proper, proper gay as fuck! You got to be joking right? Fuck me!