Friday, 3 February 2012

Frozen Enti....

Just me and TR tonight and given last nights frozen outing over the moors we decided to do Entwistle instead.

Met up with TR at Shady lane and took a nice easy route up to Edgeworth then over Wayoh. The track up to Entwistle was lovely and hard, frozen solid and rode really fast. Climbing up the narrower part and I heard a big thud from behind, TR had caught his pedal on a tree root and it tipped him over and he was right on the edge of the path. Fortunatly, he didnt bounce too far, I had visions of him being right in the bottom of the ravine.

Few dodgy goings on in the car park, but we climbed up to Green Arms and took the roller coaster. TR had never riden this and he seemed to enjoy it, with the exception of the brutal climb up at the other end.

After noticing how still it was the wind chill really hit us when we started to descend at speed, fooking freezing.

Gentle spin along the deserted res and then back up to WWW to fly down to Turton. Here Andy split off to the Jumbles and I went up to Torra then the tip.

The new dropper post was deployed on the tip chute and it did seem to make a bit of difference, probably went down it faster than I ever have.

There were some fucking wierd noises at the top of the tip which initially stopped me from going into the forest, however I had a strong word with myself and went in anyway.

Higher Ridings has had a machine tracking through it. Couldn't see what has been done, but looks ominous.

Up the valley and home to a nice warm shower. Another fucking brilliant ride in the frozen night time!


toss said...

That noise at the top of the Tip mate is roosting Magpies. There are literally hundreds of the fuckers there at night.....

hallz said...

Were there any closed gates across the WWW between Green Arms Road and Turton Tower?

lowey said...

No ... all clear.