Friday, 17 February 2012

The good weather Karma bank gets topped up.

Jesus H Christ on a lollipop. That was wet.

Missed riding ALL last week, didn't get out this week either despite the weather being nice at night, so Thursday was underlined in black in on the calender.

On checking the forecast, it was almost as if the almighty himself was trying to ruin our ride. No rain all week and it was forecast to start at about 5pm, which it duly did. Horrible windy fine piss. Jase bailed, couldn't blame him at all as he had commuted in it.

Just me and Toss set off, and by the garage we were drenched. We decided to just head up to the Bull at Belmont. It was utterly hideous. Headwind, driving rain into our faces, floods of water on the road. I have never ever been so glad to see the pub in my life. I was drenched to me bollocks.

The beer, having worked for it, was sublime. 5 pints, excellent crack and nice to reaquaint ourselves with some old mates in there.

Ride home was ok as the Piss had stopped and was just replaced by thick fog.

Hard hard work but so glad to get out and just spin the cranks.

I am, however, now officially fucked off with this shit winter now. I am longing for some dusty trails... mmmmmmmm

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