Friday, 27 January 2012

Over indulgence catches up......

Or, more appropriately a fat bastard gets tired.

Thursday night and I was keen to get in a decent ride and suggested Healy Nab. Toss and Wors were up for it, however, rather tiresomely it was raining yet a-fucking-gain. It stopped by the time we set off, but the trails were pissed wet through. So we decided to just head over Rivi way, ICR etc etc.

I felt ok going up to Scout Road and even at the ciggy tunnel was fine. However i suggested that we do the rocks up to Burnt Edge. Big mistake.

The litany of excuses that followed from me were varied and plenty
  • "a headache (true)", 
  • "I'm having one of them off nights lads",
  • "its too muddy to ride properly", 
  • "its cold"
etc etc... you get the picture. More accurately however was the fact that I'm a big fat bastard after 2 months of no exercise and much beer, wine and fine cheese.

I was utterly fucked going up the rocks. Proper spots in front of eyes tackle. Whilst not quite as bad as TR the other week, I wasn't far off. Toss and Jase were in fine form however... not even breaking sweat.

At Burnt Edge I suggested that they carry on as I was going to wobble my belly down San Marino, however they were quite happy to cut the ride short as well and join me. I suspect that they really wanted to just maximise the opportunity to see me suffer. This I did with aplomb. The fuckers set a blistering pace up to the mast which plunged me to even further depths of misery.

San Marino then. Not been down for a while. Pretty cut up, but great fun except my glasses kept steaming up, probably all the sweating I was doing, making me stop a couple of times to clean them up. Jase and Toss both flew down slipping and sliding all the way.

I was pretty glad to see the road and the short spin home. Then it started snowing. Lovely big fluffy flakes too, but it didnt last.

I seem to remember this time last year I was commuting a lot and racking up a lot of miles saying stuff like "I never want to be that unfit again".... well I fucking proved myself wrong this year!

Still onwards and upwards, and even suffering as I did, it was still ace being out on the bike with mates!

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toss said...

You did well writing about this one David! You were truly fucked.
More than made amends on Sunday though matey!
Which reminds me - get ya blog sorted for the STW Ride and Brewery do! ;-)