Friday, 20 January 2012


BADASS - Number 9

Its official!

Was so looking forward to a ride this Thursday. A combination of having the girls and site visits meant I could not commute and I am really struggling getting the miles in at the moment. The weather seemed ok till about 4pm when the heavens opened. Driving home through the torrent was a bit miserable, but I was determined to get out. Toss sent a tentative txt asking if we were still having it and I said yes.

So kitted up in full on waterproof EVERYTHING, I changed the pads in the rear brake, fitted the light and wolfed a big fucking massive pasta tea down. Getting the bike out of the garage and Toss showed up just in time for a massive hail stone storm to kick up. NO sign of Wors so we rode around to his place, the hail looking quite spectacular in the light beam.

We found Wors cowering in his garage, with the door closed, hoping I suspect that we were not coming, however as we were there he soon got kitted up, again in full on waterproof EVERYTHING and off we set. We decided that a valley ride would be better suited to the conditions rather than the moors.

Slip sliding down the valley and the stream path was a mud bath, wheels sliding all over the shop, over the bridge and up the hill to Birtenshaw and, riding behind Wors my beam picked out the tell tale round face of a Tawny Owl, sereenly sat on a branch watching us struggle. It lazily took flight when Jay got about 5' away. Lovely.

The hill fucked me up big time. A combination of a very big late tea, massive belly and 3 layers of tight kecks made for a very uncomfortable ascent and I was blowing out of my arse at the top. Not a good start.

Shady Lane, Jumbles and Turton Bottoms were all muddy as hell but great fun and more importantly, the rain and hail had stopped, which meant that I was overheating very quick. So lost the waterproof jacket and had a quick chat about TR's wall hitting experience the previous week. Must remember to make sure I pack emergency Jelly Babies.

Over the Dam at Wayoh and the overflow was is full spate, impressive sight. We scooted up along the banks to Entwistle, where once again my trouser garments were causing winter fat belly some discomfort, so much so that I got a fucking stitch. Little tech drop in the path fucked Toss up and he should have gone back to have another go really, I was pleased also to see it initially fuck Jase up too but he went back and nailed it.

Entwistle car park looked packed with shaggers and voyeurs so we took the steep path rather then the road to the top of Green Arms, and the re appearance of my stitch. The run down was brilliant with a strong tail wind, splashing through proper deep pubbles sending up bow waves which to my great pleasure, soaked Toss.

For some reason though, the tail wind turned into a headwind on the climb up to Torra, que stitch. At the Gate, we bumped into the Pikey's party, they had decided to get out too. The ride through the tip was utterly ridiculous with both wheels sliding all over the shop and only giving us a modicum of control, straight down the drop and past the flag, where me and Toss scared the shit out of a lady driver with our Trouties on Full. Higer Ridings was just as slippery but we got through ok and finished with the climb out of the valley.

Superb muddy wet fun.


Toss said...

"Superb muddy wet fun" INDEED!

Gutted I wimped out on them rocks. What an END. I'm having them next time.

Great spin out though & as usual - a smashing blog. T

Jason said...

after a wet miserable start it indeed was a fab ride. Karma credits well and truly in the bank

Anonymous said...

What a find. Brilliant blog.