Friday, 13 January 2012

The first ride of 2012!

Fuck me this weather has been shit. I dont just mean shit, I mean SHIT. PISS and SHIT. didnt ride at all over my extended christmas holidays because of the weather and it was proper getting me down. As you all know I hate not riding my bike and I was in danger of turning into a proper grumpy twat.

However I was due to be packing bags on this Thursday night ready for a long weekend with the girls in Keswick, but in a rare moment of organisation I did it the night before so could ride! A Thursday night ride with a favorable forecast too.

Just Me, Toss, Wors and TR this week. On meeting up we all had a wank over Toss's new light. He finally took the plunge and got a Trouite Liberator in GOLD no less! Weather was lovely, but the ground was saturated from all the aforementioned piss. Toss suggested a Darwen Moor trip and we all readily agreed.

Down the valley on the made trails and then through the mills. Wors, pounding the pedals as usual went for the gap in the railings just before the Sports Complex and his back wheel snagged between two flags, this fucking him up big style and he ended up crashing into the railings. They had spikes on top too and his face was pretty fucking near them when he hit. Very lucky if you ask me, but, being the big hard bastard that he is, it didnt seem to phase him at all.

Up through the golzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz course and down to Longworth clough, piss wet ground and lots of mud, but great fun to be out. Up onto Longworth Lane and scoot accross the closed of BJ alley. However, it was NOT closed off. The clasps on the steel barriers have been ground off so both gates are open and there are now several what appear to be well used openings in the deer fence have been formed. I reckon at least 8. We speculated that these were formed as "rooms" in a homosexual outdoor motel... whereby like minded gentlemen may arrange to meet up at No 8, Blow Job Alley. It takes all fucking sorts.....

We slowly started to ascend piss poor... which was ok actually. I was struggling earlier on with my great big fat bastard belly, but as we got into the night, the pedalling got easier as I found my second wind. TR unfortuanlty was beginning to suffer as we neared Lower Pastures. I must admit to not realizing just how fucked he was by the time we had made the top of the moor. He was either coming down with a bug or had just hit the wall. Either way we had to make it down and its a relatively straight forward descent.

We spotted the moon just rising above Bull Hill and it was RED... lovely big rising moon, sadly too dark to get a descent picture off. Toss started to try and come up with some utter nonsense about the moon being the same size wherever we see it, he gave up when we all fell asleep.

As we set off for the descent, I noticed that the grass up on the top of the moor was freezing. We all soon felt the temperature as we flew down the hill, getting sprayed with freezing cold water. Quick regroup halfway down and Jase admitted he was fucking freezing, water getting into his shoes. At the top of the Bastard, TR bent over a spewed his guts up... made me remember doing the same in school cross country races. Strangely enough, he was descending with much more confidence over the rocks, probably as he was too fucked to care!

We got to the road and all decided that we would take that home. My back brake has eaten its pads so I only had the front, TR was goosed and Jase was freezing, so a quick spin down the road had us home in no time.

Brilliant night out and SOOOOOO good to get out on the bike!


shandy said...

who is TR? - poor fella throwing up. Glad you all got out tho chaps!!

Mike said...

Happy New Year Lowey. Hope you have a fucking good one. When are you cunts manning up and riding north of the border where the REAL drinkers lie?

andyrmanc said...

Another good blog mate. I have got some of those isotonic tablets that T uses plus some drinks so hopefully I won't suffer the same.