Thursday, 29 December 2011

Picnic on the moors! Beers in the pub!

Very late with this post... deepest apolgies.

Anyways, after the triumphant return to the Bull the other week, we decided that another visit would be in order. Date and time set it was just Me, Weester and Toss. Toss had come up with the genius idea to "fuck the barn" off as the food is shit and a rip off, that we should get a picnic together. Great idea.

Off we sets from Weesters at about 3pm, usual ride through pretty muddy shit to be honest, We headed up to the Kennels without incident and then got set for the down. It was slippery as hell and following Weester, watched as his front wheel caught a deep puddle and over the bars he went. It was just so fucking graceful, proper handstand on the bars with legs apart as he went over. Myself and Toss were helpless with laughter and we had to wait a few minutes to compose ourselves.

Got to the chute which again I bottled whilst Toss and Weest sailed majestically down.

We didn't bother with the Pike as we were going to do the ICR and we were keen to maximize ALE time, however we were hungry, so parked up at the pigeon loft and broken out tea.

Toss had brought ham butties made with quality thick ham and mustard, weester some fine cake and I brought a flask of tea. Toss, played the ace card also with a nice single malt.

Excellent scran and much better than getting bum raped in the Barn.

Polished it all off (even the whiskey) and then battered the ICR. Lovely run down and we regrouped at the car park to decide which way to the Hallowed Hostillry. We plumped for the path of least resistance and toiled over the road.

Imagine our horror when we arrived and found the place closed !! We checked the watch and it was just after 5, we therefore concluded that he would be opening at 6 as the sign on the door stated he had a band on that night. We were therefore left with no alternative other than the fuck off down the road and have a couple in the Cough Dog Cough.

Wasn't too bad in fairness although the beer has gone up considerably since we last went in. We got an email from Al also when we were in there telling us he was open at 6 and we should "get our arses up there".

Brilliant. A night of great beer, banter and music was had, only marred by a drunken clash of views later on. We even had a chat with a big group of Jocksters who arrived at about 8. First time we have ever seen any other bikers in that pub!

10 pints later and we staggered out for a gentle ride home, leaving the sexy barmaid a portrait!


Toss said...

Excellent! Been waiting for that for two weeks! ;-)
(did I tell ya I rode the steps after 10 pints? ;-))

shandy said...

did you really have 10 pints then ride home? - legends!!