Friday, 23 December 2011

Champers and Whiskey

Getting proper sloppy with my posting of late, please accept my humble apologies.

The other Thursday was a cause for celebration. I was finishing work for 2 whole weeks the next day, so I suggested a ride up the pike with a ruck of booze and thankfully all the lads agreed! So a great turn out comprised Myself, Toss, The River, Wors and Weester! Weester brought some ale, I brought a bottle of champagne, The River and Wors packed hipflasks and I cant remember what Toss brought... Wors also packed a flask of rather excellent Tea too. Whilst waiting to set off I noticed a very Heath Robinson attempt at a rear mudguard had been fettled by Jay... I was quite frankly lost for words.
Jay is an engineer by trade, so how he even imagined that this shambles would works was beyond me.

Off we set from Weesters at 7 and followed the usual path up to Horrocks.... near the farm, Toss srtopped suddenly and with his helmet light illuminated a Short Eared Owl sat on a tree not 6' from us. It casually looked us over before lazily taking flight! Brilliant start to the night!

I took the lead on the Singletrack and nearly shit myself when i looked up and saw a fookin black horse blocking the track in front. It soon took off but if  I hadnt glanced up I'd have rode right into the big bastard.

Up Coal Pit and then the steps, we deceided to hit the Kennels. VERY VERY slippery, but great fun. I got the chute (which I still have problems with) and decided to walk it. Didnt fancy a tumble with a bottle of champers in the back pack.

Easy climb up to the pike and we unpacked the goodies.

Was a touch windy but we got in the lee of it behind the Pike and guzzled the booze whilst looking out over the night sky.

Couple of Jockys arrived just as we were polishing off the booze and were deeply impressed with the ale set up we had. They promptly rode straight off down the steps. Fair play.

I set off down the Pike to the gate and was rather surprised to find that we had lost Toss!! The bell end had gone straight off the front instead of heading to the gate.

Spin along Belmont Road got us wet and then the road home. I did notice with some satisfaction here that Jay's mudguard had indeed proved me right and offered zero fucking protection to his fat arse.

Cracking night out!


Toss said...

Brilliant night!

andyrmanc said...

Most enjoyable start to the Christmas holidays.