Saturday, 5 November 2011

A Gifted life ?

Are we all mediocre.. or are we all unique.. can each of us have something to give that no one else can ? Can we share what makes us happy with others ? I know there is one medium that can do all these things.... music.

For my brother, music was what he gave, but I know it gave him so much back. He was never more happy than playing harmonica and guitar at places like Band on the Wall... but with a glass in his hand. That glass took over, and ultimately took his life 

Today at his funeral, his mates pointed me in the direction of a poem that Ste had once seen... by a New Orleans writer called Julie Kane. He said it summed up why Ste played the Blues Harp

Because it isnt harmonious
Because it gleams like the chorme on a '57 Chevy's front grille,
Because it fits a hobo's bandanna,
Because it tolerates spit; and a little spit means the music is more fervent,
Because its easily rigged to a contraption that frees the hands to play guitar,
because its cynical, yet sings.....
and because it sings when breathing in....

I wish you Gods Speed My Brother. I hope that you are looking down on us now, with Mum, strumming the guitar or mouthing the organ.

Fucking miss you Ste.....

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Lovely words Dave....... T