Monday, 7 November 2011

A Sunny Sunday!

Toss had been organizing a run out over the moors for CW and JD for a couple of weeks and, with Deb being in Bolton that day, I squared it away with the girls that I could join them. The long forgotten days when we all used to ride every Sunday seemed like a distant memory and I was proper looking forward to it.

Sunday dawned as cloudless sunshine. A lovely day. Proper chilly out of the sun though, but no matter, the bikes would soon warm us up.

Rather predicably we were waiting for CW, who not only arrived late, but then proceeded to get fucking changed also. Jump in your riding gear before you set off next time sunshine! Great turn out too... Toss, Weester, Jason, Andy,  CW, JD and myself.

Weester, on spotting that we all had lights shot back to his to fix his light on, and it was probably a good idea as it turned out.

Nice gentle spin up to the car park at Scout Road and we paused to check the view... wonderful day.
Up Coal pit and then the path up to the mast, Jase fookin battered it once again and by the time we had a rest just above the stream my eyes were about to pop. Still it was good stretching the legs and getting the fresh down me lungs. A passing jockster came past us and was utterly on his chin strap, the poor bloke looked as though he was going to pass out. We all had a regroup, Andy was feeling the climb, but was still smiling.

Up on the mast road and CW decided he needed some pictures of him on the Trig point and while they fucked around I shot off to the drop to get some video of the lads coming down. It was infested with paragliders for some reason also... must have been some club or other. Anyway, the grass was proper slippery and I was a touch nervous about descending it, however all the lads came past and flew down the drop, which kind of meant that there was no way I could duck out. Took it easy and it was ok actually, bit more grip than I though there would have been. We stopped at the bottom to watch JD have a go, and fair play... he got down, although I think this was the first time I have ever seen anyone get down the shoulder without the back wheel rotating once! Andy was a bit put off by the steepness and took the descretionary route... still wont be long before we have him riding it!

Along Belmont Road and we all got wet arses, CW and JD getting sore ones too, it is bumpy as ever. Next up the ICR. Passed a Disco nearly at the top which was blocking the trail, but it had compacted some of the babies heads and we all flew down at top speed. I fucking love this little descent... but it does take its toll out of your arms, and in Tossers case, it temporarily transformed him into a fucking mong.

JD faced his demons after his fall here and managed to get down, as did Andy with a fucking big grim on his face!

The steady climb back up through the gardens saw us riding against a descending tide of scum for which Rivvy is sadly famous for at weekends. Quick history lesson at the Bungalow and then up onto the Pike to be assaulted by a dog in a pink cardigan. Good view from the top though.

I suggested taking the fast Rocky Road as its my preference rather than the drop as the ruts at the bottom just ruin it. Much prefer the balls out speed and big hits that the road offers up. Once again, meeting up at the gate with arm pump!

Sun was getting ready to set by now so we headed up Hole in't wall and paused halfway up for some sunset pics.

The climb up is, in all honesty, a bit soul destroying I find, still there was some fucking brilliant entertainment at the top provided by a bell end who had got his audi stuck just off the road. I was fucked if I was going to help him straight away, I wanted to enjoy watching him struggle for a while, but the lads, being much more considerate than I set about it straight away. Jase, pushing with all his might lost his footing just as the car went backwards and ended up face down on the deck! Oh fuck me, how I laughed.

Up to Coal Pit and then we set off down. Not done this run in ages and forgot just how good it was. Especially the bit down past the shooting hut... lovely and flowy if hit with a bit of speed. JD's light refused to work from here on and fair play to the lad for getting down in the pitch dark.

We took the drop from Dean Mills to Coal Pit road and that also was great fun, properly slippery and steep. Final run finished off with a blast down the quarry edge and home.

Superb run out and just the tonic!


Jason said...

Last time I help a fucking Audi driving Twat, or any thick cunt who get's stuck like that. That picture of Toss is Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

what a day...... :-)T

Smigers said...

Fuckers, like I'm always late......o wait :-) haha, great blog Dave and I WILL try my best to get there with 5 to spare next time to fit into my biking dungarees! Haha

Peace brothers of the bikes!


andyrmanc said...

Crackin blog Dave. Really enjoyed the ride but must admit I was glad to get home absolutely knackered.

The River