Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Mud. Not dust.... Mud

Its here. Back in all its filthy slippery glory. And I've forgotten how to ride in it.

Tuesday night ride as I'm giving blood on Thursday so wouldn't be able to ride and there was a good turn out of Jocksters to join me.

Toss, Jase, the River (resplendant upon his new bike) and Weester. We all met up at Weesters to faff around with The Rivers air pressures in his shock and fork. I hate setting up new bikes as the recommended settings rarely work and it usually take a bit of fucking around with pressures and rebound to get things running right.

Still everything seemed ok so we set off. Lovely night for it, little bit of cloud cover but the views over Manchester and the star filled sky were wonderful.

Short ride as non of us were in a rush, just a chilled pace, up to the mast road and then onto the Hill and down San Marino. I mentioned that last weeks run was horrendously muddy and slippery and this time it was even worse. Loads of rain ruts all full of slippery mud just waiting to have you off. It occurred to me half way down that I have completely forgotten how to ride is this slippery shit, never mind, soon get the hang of it I reckon, fucking need to anyway as it will be here for the next 5 months!

Still, we all made it to the bottom ok for the quick blast through the woods then the road home. Lovely run out and after all my moaning last week about the moors being rammed with other bikers, we only saw 1 and he was a fucking diamond, inquiring as to how we all were and if we were enjoying the night. Minted.

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D0NK said...

Good to see your back on form. Now change your profile picture, it's disturbing and I don't want it in my internet cache at work. It's not your arse is it, ewww.