Friday, 14 October 2011

Wet Thursdays

Me, Toss and Jase only for this run. Weester had something on. After the days of continual PISS we decided to have a quick one, down the valley, jumbles, Chapletown, WW, blowjob alley and then the pub. Was proper slippery and wet. Not much else to report really, bike behaved itself, was a lovely night to be out actually, I even changed into a short sleeve at Wayoh as it was so warm.

5 pints of BTB in the tap gave me a bit of a headache in the morning though. Jase had 6 on a school night, the total fucking DOG.

I think the proper winter is coming now... forecast for this week is shit too, still, need to get out at least twice.

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Jason said...

You never wrote about the other week, when me met the honeys on the kennels and you milted. I was thinking about a Sunday or Tuesday night run, what do you reck?