Thursday, 29 September 2011

DUST! in late September

Home from work at 5.30, no girls and straight out!! Riding for 5.45 for a quick cheeky night out on a Wednesday. It was lovely. Hot, sunny and dusty. Seems like mother nature finally got off her fat arse and kicked summer into go.... only 3 months too late!

Up onto Scout Road, I took the farm path from Colliers Row up to Coal Pit for a change and had a chinwag with a couple of horse riders... mmm tight riding pants really do make the most unattractive of females look hot.

Up over the gate and up to the mast... lovely views and a quick chat with 3 Jocksters coming down.
Soon at the top and the ground was dusty and fast I took the road up to the trig point and then headed back down to San Marino.

Lovely run down till I got a flat near Bog Monster... really pissed me off and I was flying down!

Nice spin back along the road and home just before the lights needed to be switched on.



Mike said...

I've nominated ye for a wee blog challenge thing that's kicking about. Ye can read about it on my blog here.
Are ye up for it?

lowey said...

You know what mate... nice idea but for two reasons I'm not bothering.

1. All the cunts who's blogs I read are cunts, therefore will not reciprocate.

2. I cant really be arsed.

Good luck!

Mike said...

Fair do's. I actually have a t shirt with "I'm a cunt" written on it. My mates got me it for my birthday a few years ago. Cool eh?