Friday, 23 September 2011

Late again, but another great ride

Getting pretty lucky with the weather at the moment. Thursday was a lovely day and just as we were getting ready, a big fucking cloud just missed us. On the subject of getting ready, we had 2 new recruits on Thursday! CW arrived fashionably late and proceeded to stuff his fucking face with burgers while attempting to assemble his bike (we watched, fuck that helping shit), however Tosser's other workmate was admirably early and keen as Mustard. Big fucker too John. He'll get on well with Jase.

We eventually set of at about 7.20 and Weester was already waiting at the petrol station. Of we set to do the repeat of last weeks ride, the intention being to show some of the best local stuff to the new lads!

Up the rocks to Burnt edge and I managed to clear them again without dabbing and so did Weester. Toss only dabbed once, although that was from the bottom to the top, he fucking pushed. CW again, brought a knife to a gun fight in the shape of his massively inappropriate Norco pushed, but it looked like John was having a good go.

Down the kennels and the mist at the top proved a bit tricky as it blasted the beam back at us, still it cleared halfway down. Quick spin along Georges Lane and a pause at the top of the ICR. Off we set and once again, my Turner just hooked up. Felt superb on the downhill, I could hear CW behind me but suspected an off as I soon lost him and was waiting at the bottom for a while. Turns out his battery fell off, although that paled into insignificance as to what happened  to John. All night he had been struggling to keep the connector together on his new light and half way down, it cut out pitching him straight over the bars. Not the most ideal section of trail to do a superman either. Apparently, couple of days later, his bruising has developed into a spectacular cascade of blues and purples. The real laugh though has to be him taking the light into see the sparks at work the next day, only to realize that he hadnt pushed the fucking connector together properly, the bell end!

Good run up through the gardens and I shamed CW into actually riding his fucking bike rather than pushing it up the gentle slope. All made it back up to Georges Lane and we decided to push up the Kennels rather that the long drag up hole in't wall. The lads were flagging a bit here, Toss and his bum chums in fairness had been commuting all week and with that in mind did fucking well. Me and Weester managed to ride up to the road, although it was proper slippery. Toss was on the verge of bonking at the mast road, however CW came up trumps with some peanuts.. I let him have the rest of my high energy Jizz which apparently fucked him up later in the evening.

Arrived at the top of San Marino and set off... it really is in good nick at the moment, flying down with CW right up my chuff, however at the bottom there was no sign of anyone behind... turns out his light cut out halfway down, all the other lads making it down without too many dramas.

Spin back along the road, no pub so straight home to wash the bike and watch CW and John try and wedge 2 bikes in a C1. A good effort.

Cracking night out really enjoyed it and once again, the bike performed faultlessly.

Need beer for the next ride I reckon!

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Anonymous said...

I tried my best on Burnt Edge you Bellend! Rode most of it. Excellent Blog otherthan that! T