Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Winter Hill and San Marino

Hardly worth Blogging really. Late start as I got stuck in the M60 closure so me and Jase didnt set off till 7.30. We hammered up Winter Hill, not been up Coal Pit for months, proper pushed myself and had a stitch all the way up, Jase didn't even break sweat. The cunt.

I was determined to hammer San Marino. I'm coming around to thinking that this bike responds well be being thrashed. Every time its tried to Kill me its been when I have been mincing. Graham had a similar relationship when he got his Heckler a while back... That pitched him over the bars several times and broke his nose on Nan Bield. The other  night ride a few weeks ago the bike felt so planted, well I rode it like a loon, battered every downhill... and the penny is dropping. It needs to be thrashed to get the best out of it.

Another Jockster arrived at the top just behind us and Jase set off. I gave him 20 seconds or so and set off after him. 20 yards in and WHACK... big fucking stone impacts on my shin... then bang. Rear tire let go. Double fuck.

Fixed that and then hammered down the rest of the run, and it did feel a lot better at speed. My thumb however is still wrecking from my off at Cross Fell the other week.

Met the other Jockster at the bottom, turns out he lives local to us so we invited him out to play on our Thursday rides... bit more company is always welcome.

At the bottom I checked on my shin and marveled at the impressive egg that had arisen. Fuck me it hurts.

Spin home and shower. Shit it was good to get out and even nicer that we managed to get out in probably the only sunshine this week has to offer.

August is turning out to be a right old washout.

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