Friday, 15 July 2011

Its nights like these you learn to live again....

The last few weeks have been very frustrating from a bike riding point of view. Little things, stuff to do, people to see have conspired to keep me away from riding a bike and its been getting me down. Plus, I have a new bike, which, due to aforementioned shit, has not been ridden and therefore I've not "clicked" with it. Gisburn was disappointing, however after last night I think that was just down to a head full of mither.

So Thursday night was EAGERLY anticipated. Forecast was good and Wednesday night provided a lovely evening so we were all set.

Met up with Toss, Wors and the River and then headed over to Weesters. Climb up through Horrocks fold to Scout Road where the wind kicked up. Pretty brutal to be honest and I was struggling to keep up with the lads. Through the forest and up to Two lads. We decided to fly down the kennels and for the first time the bike started to feel good. Very good infact... I nailed it down and it just chewed up the ruts and sorted out some pretty shitty line choices for me, all the drops jumped at top tilt and before I knew it we were at the kennels with a stupid fucking grim on my face!

We all regrouped at the kennels and headed over to Rivi, plenty of people about, but not as many bikers as I would have expected on such a lovely evening. At the top of the ICR, we suggested that the River took the gardens and Toss elected to lead him down. Weester came up with some wind and piss about his shock not working to perfection so he went down there too.

Me and Jase set off and once again, the bike just felt fucking supreme. Back end nailed to the trail, had a bit of a wobble near the slab at high speed, but the rest of the run down was Faaaaaast... getting to the bottom whooping like a kid! The others soon joined us and we set off for Anglezarke.

Nice spin along the road and past Wilcox Farm we checked out the sign selling half and full Lamb freezer packs... just the job for a proper carnivore.

At the start of the headland path, the track was bone dry and with loads of grip so off we set. I love this track at night time, flows well and is proper fast in places. The River took a bit of a tumble, managed to go over the bars going up hill!! Proper impressive. On the run down to the steps I managed to get it a bit wrong on the loose gravel and ended up skidding to the edge of the track, heading for a bit fucking drop. Very last minute the front wheel grabbed a bit of traction and managed to keep it together. Me and Jase got bitten to shit waiting for the other lads. Unfortunately The River had broken his light in the fall mean that his ride would be pretty much over as the Sun would be setting soon after Healy Nab. We bid him farewell and he headed for home.
I love this section of trail.. short but sweet. The Singletrack through the meadow followed by the fast muddy tree run. I was chasing Jase when his bar clipped a tree, I thought he managed to hold it, but he was heading for the edge of the lake and anchored up sending the big bastard straight over the bars! Fucking massive thud as he hit the deck. He was sound though, although he too, snapped his light bracket. Toss had stopped also, and after we got back on, I followed him and have to say he was flying through the woods, chucking his bike this way and that.

Watermans cottage came and went and then at the top we bumped into Iggy Pop of all people, he had just got back from a "rad spin" round the Nab and was obviously "stoked". We were soon at the trail head and Jase went on ahead to get a couple of shots. Came out alreet too....

The trail was lovely and dry and all the berms had plenty of grip, the only problem was that in the fading light it was just a bit too dark, but not dark enough for lights. Toss expressed alarm and the surprise rock ladder, frankly shitting it aparently, but got down no problem.

Back at the trail head the guys pointed out the big fuck off moon coming up over Rivi Pike. It really was turning into a stunning night.

We all flew down the BW to Kelly's farm, spinning out in top and getting whipped by the brambles as we hurtled down in the failing light. For a change we took the lakeside ST and it was just as good as I remembered it, but the stile at the far end was just as much of a fucker as it always was. The pull up to the Bridleway at Yarrow reservoir  framed the rising moon at the top. Sadly my shity phone camera couldnt really handle the low light.
We took a bit of a straw poll here and decided to take the left and head up Lead Mines... the long road to ruin.

ON Yarrow Dam the reflection of the moon on the lake was stunning.....

Up though lead mines and we stopped to admire the medeival piss stones... cultured set back then... and started the climb. My legs were pretty shot by this stage, however Dusk turning to twilight and then to dark was stunning to watch as we spun the cranks on the slow painful climb.

Arrived at Sheep House lane, pretty glad to see the tarmac actually. Path of least resistance home on lights... arrived home just shy of 11pm.

The bike is now feeling brilliant... it did everything I wanted it to last night and handled the ICR better than any bike I've ever thrown a leg over. A few more rides and I'll be in love.

As for the night ride.... well life doesnt get much better if you ask me... riding dry dusty trails, through evening to dusk to twilight to night in the company of great mates. Only beer was missing.


Jason said...

Brilliant ride, loved it.

D0NK said...

sounds like a cracker, iggy pop? seriously?