Thursday, 25 August 2011

Wednesday sunsets.

Riding Wednesday this week as Graham and chums were supposed to be coming over for a guided ride around the fleshpots of Rivi, but he'd broken his arm wanking apparently.

Therefore solo mission. I did plan to doing a decent ride, but my legs were a bit tired from Mondays race round Darwen so I took my time and pootled up to two lads. I did take the bike up the rocky track to Burnt Edge to see how well it climbed against my old bike and I flew up it dab free. I have to say that it really is a brilliant climber.

For a change I took the muddy track to the top of Two Lads from the road and then the singletrack up to Winter Hill mast.

My timing was perfect to see the sun setting so I headed up to the shoulder to grab some pics.
And zoomed but a bit shakey....

Anyway, you get the idea... stunning!

So what to ride home ? I thought I'd finally have a go at the full ridge ride down to the Singletrack from Dean Mills Reservoir. Been meaning to have a go at it for over 3 years now, and lets just say I wont be doing it again any time soon. Its the only descent off Winter Hill that requires pedalling all the way down hill.

The ST to Scout Road was nice, but in the failing light and overgrown grass I had a few moments. Minced down the steep stuff and walked the corner... Fair play to Donk for clearing that. It is fucking steep.

Flicked the light on for the run past the tramp and home.

Lights now needed for anything after 8.30 I reckon. Lovely to get out again though.


D0NK said...

The full ridge, you mean this? Did it a while back when it was really dry and dusty, was OK, it's not san marino but you knew that, pedally but fast.

On that corner go in slow, stay on the right til the last moment and then turn in/drop in, no brakes til you clear the rocks, not that hard just need to commit to it.

lowey said...

No mate.. Thats what we call Coal Pit. I followed the wall from the Summit...Dean Ditch. Ditch being the operative word.

As with all things steep, I'm sure its not difficult, its just a mental thing. Plus I watched Jase sail straight over the bars when he tried it.

D0NK said...

Ah right. Have you tried going left on the ST, towards belmont road instead of right to scout rd? just wondered where it goes, will try it sometime.
"Plus I watched Jase sail straight over the bars" yeah that always puts a dampener on your confidence.

lowey said...

It goes to the top of Whinberry Hill then rejoins the same path a little later on.