Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Love Blossoms..... Darwen nights

Love blossoms with my new bike... well, this time it didnt try to kill me and I had a great ride, so after recent outings I'll take that.

Was pissed off that I never managed to get out on Sunday, a rare child free sunny day, however, important hangover commitments put paid to any form of movement on Sunday and I reaquainted myself with the comfort of the sofa. Come Sunday night I was still miffed about not riding. Monday dawned sunny and stayed that way all day, so fuck it.... I visited a site on the way home which meant I got in from work for about 5pm. Out on the bike by 6. I spent the hour eating tea but also setting up my fork as per the instructions I got on STW, charged the lights and headed out for a big ride.

Down the steps into the valley and the fork was transformed. Superb big and small hit resistance and felt brilliant with the fast multiple hit stuff... the back end however felt terrible. I stopped and realized that I had wound on full rebound on the rear and it was just packing down. Changed it back and hey presto, the bike came alive.... fucking brilliant. Soaked the rocks down to Longworth bridge up brilliantly.

Up past the bummers on Blow Job Alley and then took piss poor up to higher pastures then up onto the moor. It was a wonderful night and visability was endless. The views started at Snowdon, Liverpool, Dee esturary wind farm, Blackpool, Isle of Man, Morcambe bay turbines, Lake District, Pennines and the three peaks. All so clear. It was picture overload.
The only problem was the midges. Horrific. Never ever known it as bad. If I wasn't getting bitten by them, I was inhaling vast quantities. Clouds of them just hovering above the boggy moor.

A scoot over to the tower and I nearly fell off when the front wheel grabbed one of the ruts coming down to Duckshaw Clough... not the bikes fault... mine. Over the moor top and arrived at the tower to stunning views all round.

I could see the Sun sinking towards the horizon and REALLY wanted to hang about to see it set, but I was getting eaten alive, so I just got the hell out of Dodge. Along the edge then threw it down Stepback Clough at warp speed. Coming round the corner out of the Forest and the light was tremendous....

I nailed the run down to the Cafe and the bike was just wonderful over the fast small and big hits... soaking them all up without any problem. Road back to piss poor then flew back the way I came. Needed lights coming back through the golf zzzzzzzzzz.... sorry...

Was just a sensational night to be out on the moors riding a bike... got home totally buzzing but couldn't get to sleep :(


D0NK said...

like that last pic. So what did you do to your forks then?

lowey said...

empty both chambers. Inflate + to get sag, then inflate - to 10psi less than +. Set rebound halfway through the range. Ride. Brilliant!

D0NK said...

ah right. You can set + and - to same for extra plushness but you lose some travel ie unsagged they'll be 10mm or so into their travel already.
Still not got my revs quite right since servicing but CBA messing anymore

andi said...

Great pics Lowey!

Make me want to go out and ride :)