Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Ride the lights

Bit late with this blog as I was waiting to get the better pictures of Toss, the bell end.

Day off on the Tuesday so borrowed a vaaaaaaaaan, loaded the bikes up and headed up to Bispham via Sue and Charlies for a brew. The weather all day in Bolton had not been promising, however it cleared up as we hit Blackpool and fortunately stayed both dry and lovely and clear the whole ride.

Met up with the Weester and Toss clans saddled up and headed up to the prom.
Lovely clear night, we could clearly see Anglesy and Snowdonia, but the lights were not very noticable as it was still light. I have to say I was astonished at how many cyclists there were out... it was rammed.

We had a nice wind assisted spin all the way to Starr Gate where we grabbed a drink and loitered around waiting for it to go properly dark, then headed back. The lights were ok, but this was just THE best way to see them, spinning up along a traffic free prom with the kids and mates! Brilliant.

Jaz had a bit of a coming together with Weesters bike which tinged the evening a bit, but she was ok, being hard as nails. Finished off the night with a chippy tea at Bispham. Fookin ACE night out.

Some pics :-


Anonymous said...

Nice one David - it was a Smashin evening! T

D0NK said...

that sounds nice, something to have a look at in the future I think, maybe twist the wifes arm next year.