Friday, 9 September 2011

Back to the old routine!

Getting a bit remiss with these blog posts... I need to sort my shit out.

Excellent. School holidays over, normal service can resume! Normal service in the case means a Thursday night ride followed by some sherberts in the pub.

As it turned out just me and Toss were riding. The weather had been truely horrific and Jase had been communting in it so he bailed, Weester fell out with everyone and Clarkey was going to just meet us in the pub!

So we decided on a fairly low key ride. Through the Valley, Jumbles, Victoria Mill, Cheeky path up to the WW, Torra Manor, Cox Green, Blow Job and then back along Belmont Road. The ground was totally saturated, we were slip sliding all over the shop, and, ominously we both had mud guards on for the first time this year. Lights were required from 8pm too...

Back to the Tap for 4 pints of fine ale.


D0NK said...

Was in the tap last night, bit dissappointed no roaring fire, I felt very young, average age of clientele seems to be 55. Oh yeah and there was an old guy asleep, apparently he's a blackburn rd regular, buy a pint drink half fall asleep wake up move to next pub repeat :-)

lowey said...

Requirements of a good pub.

1) Excellent ale
2) Reasonable level of music to facilitate good conversation
3) Excellent ale
3) Nice surroundings
4) Good atmosphere
5) Excellent ale

I agree that there are some knob heads there as cheap beer attracts some cocks, however its a great place to drink cheap fine all whilst having the crack with your mates.

Your right about the fire though.

D0NK said...

Yeah seems OK, do they accept muddy bikers? Dunno bout the ale, that pheasant plucker cider tasted alright but I bet it's strong and results in monumental hangovers. Ever tried the Wilton arms? I fancy finishing the odd nightride with a pub stop but me and Johnnie live in opposite directions from rivi and Si has to drive home :-(

lowey said...

Your problems Sunshine is you dont appreciate a gradely ale!

Wilton is just a full on glorified restaurant. I think they would probably frown on a group of bikers who smell like wet dogs.