Wednesday, 27 July 2011

STW in Delamere - Cheering up the big man!

Poor Ton. He got diagnosed with a electrical fault with his ticker towards the end of last year. This has mean that he hasnt ridden all year! The thought of that would tip me over the edge no problem. However, over the last few weeks, they have been adjusting his drugs so it can allow him to exercise a little. So, we decided to get a few mates together and go for a gentle spin. Nick kindly offered to lead us around Delamere, which is pretty flat but with lots of off piste.

So we all meet up at Linmere car park and proceed to get anally raped by the Forestry Commision. SIX fucking pounds to park. Robbing cunts! Good turn out, 20 riders and 19 bikes! Yep, Jules had brought the tandem, everyone having a play around in the car park.

Off we set for a gentle spin along a fire road and straight away we got split up. Fortunatly Graham came rushing up to the first group and caught us and we had a bit of a regroup. Through some lovely forest singletrack and there were all manner of little trail features to keep us on our toes.

Graham got a nice pic of us all coming over a little ladder, there were quite a few of these littered around the place.

Steep climb got us up to the 4cross track and a little DH track. Looked fun and most of us to a turn down it. Tony jumping his way down most of the run showing us all how its done.

We also paused here for the obligatory group shot.

Lots of trails followed, generally flat but all taken at a reasonable pace with lots of snaking singletrack. The weather was wonderful and it was turning into a very nice ride out.

At one spot, Tony found a little drop with a kicker at the top and said it would be a great little practice to a jump. Graham and Hora had a go but bearing in mind my history with jumps, I stayed well clear.

Lunch stop followed at a cracking little butty van, Giant Bratwurst for me with onions and mustard... Just the tonic following the previous nights bottle of red.

Last section of the route took us up a pretty sharp climb and then two options to plunge off... I followed some lads to the steeper option and promptly shit myself when I saw it. Everyone rode down but I shamefully walked it.

Big Ton had been riding steadily all afternoon and did really well on the ride considering his long absence. He even had a crack at a bomb hole jump at the end.

Great run out with old mates. Only came to 13 miles in the end, but all at a very relaxed and social pace.

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Smigers said...

When me and my mate Tom went the freeride area was pretty trashed from what I remembered from my teenager days and the only thing we could find was that bombhole so naturally spent about 3 hours there playing the "who can get the highest" game :-)....I lost haha. The only other point of interest we found were the three gaps in the forrest near the freeride area, dropping around 12 foot I was looking at it n then thinking I dont wanna die, worth a look in if youve got mega ballz tho! From what I've heard its quite a nice ride around but we couldnt really find the trail, being a little retarded n all! Nice place tho, glad you had fun!