Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Lee and Cragg.... big pedals and big grins.

Tuesday afternoon and the ex was having the kids, so at 4pm packed up and headed to Lee Quarry. I;ve not been since they did the extra stuff at Cragg, new pump track at Lee so was looking forward to it. Been nice and dry too so  lots of dusty riding was in the offing.

Quite a lot of broken glass down on the roads so I decided to park on Futures. Kitted up and headed up the hill. Place was pretty quiet but then I was early and most people would be a work still.

The big berm has been repaired and rode really well and I was soon over the two tables into the skills area, these also have been beefed up a bit. Spin up to the top of the trail head and grabbed a quick pic.
They have put a small red run in to compliment the existing 2 reds and black, and whilst short its still good fun. I rode all 4 runs and did the right hand side one last, hit the rocks at the end very hard and flatted both tyres :( Fortunatly I had brought 2 tubes with me, but that was it so I had to go pretty easy after that.

Took the long drag up to the Famine Road and then onto Cragg. I like Cragg... is very flowy and the extra sections they have put in are ace... its just hard work. To really enjoy the track, you have to be pedalling all the way round and it really took it out of me. Saw a few other bikers on the outbound section as I was heading back.

Back up the road to start the decent. I took the 1st couple of jumps ok, but then on a larger one, I fcuked it up once again and the front wheel nose dived. Really close to going over to a painful faceplant, but the forks bottomed out and took it. Shit myself. I either should just keep things on the ground or get myself some proper instruction as to how to jump cause I really am shit at it.

Back into Lee and rather than turn left, I went right and down the slab, over the bridge and did the berms into the skills area again. Battered the hill the all the old red to the gate and then went up to have a look at the new pump track. Suprisingly they were both empty so I have a quick play, then went to have a look at the drops that have been causing so many problems. I have to say I didnt fancy any of the fuckers.... way above my ball size.
The problem is the run out... there practically isnt one.

Watched a few lads size them up and all take the easy drop and then decided to do another loop of the red and back to the car... flowed really well, the bit through the woods is just ace, very reminiscent of Penmachno.

Was pretty shagged out by the time I got to the car... and only 14miles. I think it must have been all the pedaling in Cragg the fucked me up. Great night though.


Julbags said...

Those drops have been put in for the GB XC team to practice on prior to the Olympics. I can't imagine riding the biggest one at all, never mind its meant for short travel XC bikes with saddle at XC height, probably with heart rate red lining.

D0NK said...

Drops look perfect for learning on, start nice and small and gradually go up. Why they felt the need to put a 90degree corner immediatly after the drops I've no idea. Practice area fail!

Julbags said...

Its for the Elite To practice for racing. Take the easy but much longer line or the more technical but much shorter line to gain some time...have to balance that with the risk of it all going very badly wrong. I was told they were designed to be ridden at no more than walking speed due to the turn after.

Seems to be the way XC courses are going with a choice of different technical lines in places, having watched the World Cup XC at Dalby recently it does make for some interesting racing, those guys (and gals) have serious bike handling skills though.