Thursday, 28 July 2011

Rivi at its best... shame I rode like a tool

Two rides in two nights!! fucking get in!

After last nights blast round the quarries, no kids, no commitments and a nice forecast was the combination I needed for Wednesday night!

Up Horrocks to Two Lads then down the kennels. It was soon apparent that I was unable to steer or control a bicycle at all tonight.. having a few close shaves and even tripoding my way down the chute. Determined to sort myself out I headed over to the Ice Cream Run, where things got even worse. I was being pinged about all over the fucking show, totally out of control and again, I even came to a halt after the last hairpin. Its times like these that you have to admit your just having a bad night, bike wise and take it easy before you do some damage.

So knocked it down a gear and took the rest of the ride easy. The climb up through the Gardens was ok, lovely views of the slowly setting sun, however, bumped into a big group coming down the DH lines that the kids cut a while back. This is the very reason that bikers were nearly kicked out of the garden by UU a while ago.

Up hole in't wall and then the access road. Top of San Marino and here again I decided to take my time, great run down though but the marbles at the bottom are fucking lethal now, need a bit of rain on them to tighten them up a bit.

Passed a big group at the end of the forest, couple of them offa STW as it turned out.

I headed off for home, but the red light cast by the setting sun grabbed my attention on overflow tower at Springs res... So I hopped over and grabbed a pic.. Turned out ok for a phone camera I reckon...

Got home in one piece thank god and buzzing.... an off night on the bike so rather than a fast paced adrenalin hit, took the slow, steady relaxing option... Wonderful.


D0NK said...

"Ooo not riding too well tonight, I know, I'll do the ICR" that's the way Dave :-)
Getting some lovely sunsets round rivi last couple of months.

Phill Connell said...

I think your blog might be one of new favourites :) Great post, sir.