Friday, 20 May 2011

The medicinal effects of beer.

Got struck down with a throat infection which quickly developed into a chest infection during the weekend. This pissed me off greatly, but not nearly as much as the side effects of the antibiotics. These included gastric reflux and indegestion which made me feel like I was having a 3 day long heart attack. Fuck that for a game of soldiers, they went in the bin and I persevered.

I really shouldn't have ridden Thursday really, however I was desperate to get out and the lads very kindly said they would go at my pace.

We met Reedy at the top of the ginnel and he was meeting up with some of his mates also at the Smithy, but we headed through Walker Fold Woods which was fun. Met Reedy's mates at the gate and they went up the rocks, we took the climb up to Holdens. By the time we reached the road, My chest was proper getting tight, so I said to the lads that I would head up the Hill and straight down San Marino. Reedy and his chums did the kennels and our lot went with me. San Marino was ace as ever, met a couple of lads at the bottom who had done the run twice and were just setting off back up again, Pushing!

Spin along Belmont road to the tap for 5 pints of the finest, 6 for the lads. Had a great laugh!

Tired today though.

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D0NK said...

"...were just setting off back up again, Pushing!" Fannies.
Pretty sure you've had a go at me before about riding with a chest infection but aslong as your happy... hope it gets better soon if it doesn't apply more beer :-)