Friday, 13 May 2011

Thursday trail poaching and rain dodging

Me, Weester, Jase and Toss tonight for a quick run followed by many beers. The forecast was pretty rubbish so we decided to do a low level route through the trees incase it did piss it down.

We set off from Tossers house and had gone all of 50 yards up to his top field when Weester, eager to display his "skillz" fell off and a deceptively flat and unimpeeding corner. I was devastated that I missed it, but did hear the thud.

Secret singletrack into the valley and then up the rocky chute which weester ace'd. naturally I'd have done it too but couldnt be arsed, ahem.

Span along the railway and pissed myself off looking at all the fucking work that AE Yates are doing at Birtenshaw and decided to cheer myself up by battering the trail. Swooping down into the Jumbles from Shady Lane I was somewhat dismayed to find that the track has been levelled all the way down. Piss poor show.

Round jumbles and then up past the Pill Box we spotted about 30 kids frolicking in the field at the side. Not entirely sure what was going on, but myself and Jase made some speculations that I;d rather not repeat.

Past Turton Tower and up over the golzzzzzzzzzz course, the ride was panning out to be the regular but in reverse. The weather was good so it was going well. That was until Toss insisted on taking a little short cut to Barocco's. The bell end took us down a nettle and bramble infested track and ripped us all to shreds and stung fuck out of us.

Small plubnge through the forest to Blow Job Alley and only one bummer cruising which was surprising. We spotted a pair of used and soiled manpants hung up at the exit of one of the bumming alleys, to which Toss expressed his horror....
We took the steep plunge over the wall to the valley, Jase bravely attempting the steep techy stuff and making a right good fist of it too.

Bluebells hereabouts were lovely.

Final spin along the valley and into the Tap for beery merriment and ner so much as a hangover the next morning !!

Su-fucking-perb. This is what life is all about!

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Jason said...

Fantastic evening!