Friday, 27 May 2011

Two rides in Two nights...check me out.

Wednesday, Binners invited me over for a blast around Holcombe. BW to Robin Hoods Well then back over to Pilgrims cross. Very boggy after the recent rain and the head wind was still around making it pretty heavy going. The plunge down to the Horseshoe was great and then we did the secret singletrack in the valley which was ace. Back up the BW and we spun along to Buckden woods. This time I took a left turn and found a ladder drop and a gap jump that some locals had made. I was petrified just fookin looking at them. 2 pints in the Rose and Crown ended a cracking night out.

Then Thursday and it was just me and Jase. Everyone else had the good sense to bail given the headwind. Jase beasted me all the way round, we only did burnt edge rocks (finesse won through over brute force, Jase dabbing several times) and up to San Marino but the headwind made it proper hard work. Legs were shattered.

5 pints in the Tap and Toss and Weest joined us. Brilliant run out and the last before Coniston!!!!!

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