Friday, 1 April 2011

Calamity Clarke Rides again....

Spunking turn out. Me, Toss, Weester, Wors and Clarkey. We decided on Entwistle as an easy ride for Clarkey to get his eye back in. My freshly serviced brake turned up in the morning, so quick fix after tea and we were away.

Was to be a night of new tracks for us all. The first one was a track I knew but never riden into the valley, very nice with some tight off camber hairpins with lots of slippery roots to keep us on our toes. Spin through the mills and then up Longworth to the golf cour zzzzzzz,..................sorry. Drop to the bridge, Delph Dam and the church. You could tell it was nearly getting to spring as there were clouds of fly's chocking us.

Along the quarry edge and up to Torra Manor, I spotted a footpath sign that we took. Clarkey steadfastly refused to ride it, something about us desicrating the shrine of golf zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...... sorry, gone again. Anyway it made an interesting change from the road. Up the WW to Green Arms and we hoiked the bikes over the gate, but rather than do the Roller Coaster, we headed straight down through the forest. Lights on here and just as I was flying down a deer jumped right across my path... brilliant! The ST through the forest was great fun.. loads of slippy roots to test your confidence. The track spat us out halfway along Entwistle.

Spin along past the Duck, we took the plunge to the top of Wayoh and then along the bank. At the top of the steep climb, me Wors and Weest waited for Toss and Clarkey before the steps, but there was no sign of them. After a bit of fucking around I got a call from Toss, the Bell ends had taken the old path missing out the hill. Time was getting on, so we headed through Chapeltown and took the new track to the head of the Jumbles by the pill box. Cracking little track, nice and fast and a set of steep steps to end with. Me and Jase spotted a fox running across our path as we skimmed along the side of Jumbles.

Fastest route possible now to the Tap took us past Birtenshaw, through the valley and past Bank Top.

Excellent ride rounded off with 5 and a half pints (!!) of COTN. Wonderful wonderful run out.

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Toss said...

It was indeed a great night out :-)