Sunday, 3 April 2011

Blessed or cursed ?

Mothers day. I'll take it in my stride.... yeah ok then, maybe not. Roused the girls at 9am to get them to their mums for 10... then make it home to an empty house. In the space of weeks I lost me mum and the mum to my kids. Felt pretty shit to be honest.

Where do I turn when I feel shit ? My bike and the moors. Helped me through some tough times that combination. After agreeing access to the kids with the Ex, this would also be my last daytime MTB ride for the foreseeable future so I needed to do it.

Saddles up and sets off... heavens open. Battle on in the rain... its only water after all. still raining at blow job alley and still raining and higher pastures. Fuck sake, give me a break. Hangs left at Roddleworth car park.. need some adrenalin to kick the arse out of the endorphins that just aint working today.... feeling good and hitting the rocks at full tilt, spinning out in the big ring... bang. Rear wheel lets go... no worries I packed two tubes... oh hang on theres only one in here. At least the rain has stopped.

Pump up, and arrive at the bridge. Up to Tockholes... cafe is shut for some reason, maybe he has mother duties to attend too....

Talking of which, the golf course and the hills have been bereft of people today, which just made me feel even fucking worse.

Still there were people from here on out. Pure Cocks I should say. The gate at tockholes had the BIG warning sign informing the bone headed cunts that it was lambing season, and that sheep about to lamb were particularly susceptable to threats so please keep dogs on leads. Halfway up the pull, I see a couple of thick bitches with the dogs off. One was a black jack russel type of walking shit machine. I watched as this dog run headlong into a group of sheep with new lambs. The owner managed eventually to get the dog back, but I pissed my sides when 2 ewe's attacked them.. charging in with the heads ready to butt... the pair of thick cocks screaming. I drew level with them about 30 seconds later, and broke my own rule of conversing with utter bell ends and said "what the fuck do you expect letting your stupid fucking little joke of a pet run at them?" the answer ? "Well, wheres the farmer!! these bloody sheep need to be looked after or put in a pen!"

It was at this point that I admonished myself. I mean, what did I expect.... a full and frank exchange of well thought over views ? I told her she was "fucking thick" and peddaled off. Not proud of that but just got me on the wrong day.

Step bank was a nice climb to the top of the moor and my old friend the rain greeted me again. Some wanker motocrosser has been up here... fucking mud everywhere and I'd practically end up following him later. I took the rocky plunge to the tower and for the first time today it put a smile on my face! Scary shit, loose mud and big fucking rocks!

The toil up to the tower and I stopped to look at it without its top! looked like it had been decapitated. Rain was still coming down and my shorts had even let the water through by now.

Blast across the moor and then down to Cadshaw. I wanted to hit the drop to the duck as was feeling like beating myself up, again, adrenalin kicked the fuck out of me at the bottom! Got to the Duck and realised that the back end was a bit "loose", slow flat. No more tubes so pump up and hope. Got as far as Green Arms before I needed to pump again. In the rain again. Eventually realised that I'd have to nurse the back wheel home. So just took the path of least resistance. In the rain.

Get home, wash the bike and watch the clouds miraculously clear and set the scene for a wonderful sunset.

Blessed or Cursed ?? 

Cursed on the day and that was my last daytime bike ride till Coniston.

On the whole, today, I'd rather be in Philadelphia.


Junkyard said...

not the best ride for you got out saturday was a beauty..look on the birght side I have to buy the effing presents and cards fo my mentalist ex wife on mothers day
Chin up been a hard year so far but it gets easier.

G said...

why philladelphia

Toss said...

You'll be reet Dave.... ROLL ON CONISTON!