Friday, 4 March 2011

Thurday Beers!

Had the kids last weekend so didn't ride at all. No matter as I had a great time with the girls, however Jaz, being the wonderfully generous and caring soul she is, passed me on her rampaging chest infection. This particular malady started to rip my lungs to bits on the Monday and was accompanied by a hacking cough. I was concious of the golden rule of not exercising if the probkem is below the neck, but really really needed to get out. So, the lads very kindly offered a slow paced easy night time run followed by a few beers. Magic.

7pm and Me, Toss, Jase and Weest headed out up past Horrocks fold and up to Scout Road. I wasnt feeling too bad really, so we decided to try and earn the beer by heading over Winter Hill. It was bloody cold up on the moor, and ascending the access road, I was starting to flag a bit.

We all covered our lights going past the base station and tried to stay on the road, was proper bloody dark.

Top and San Marino, Jase and Weest headed off as I was going to take it very gingerly as my chest was proper aching now. Toss, aparently had a bit of a moment coming down, but as he was at the back we all missed it :(.

Slow spin for me along Belmont road and arrived at the Tap for 5 pints of the COTN. Felt surprisingly pissed too, a thick head in the morning confirming my suspicions.

Cracking night out though.

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