Monday, 7 March 2011



Not been since 2007(!!) so decided to have a blast round Llandegla on Sunday. Kitted up and on the road at 10am and pulled into the car park at just after 11... fuck me where have all these people come from. The old Car park that we parked on previously, was full. They have now put in additional parking up the hill behind the cafe, bigger than the old car park and after I parked in the last space, that was full too. I have never ever seen so many bikers in one place in my life.

Out onto the climb up to the top of the red and the cold wind really was freezing. I hadnt realised it was going to be so cold and my legs were bloody red. Still suffering with the chest so I decided I'd be taking my time all the way around and not ripping it up.

Bikers everywhere. I quite like a social ride and having the crack with riders, but this was ridiculous. Every halt point had approx 10 bikers parked up, and the trailside litter was just a joke.

Up to the start of the fun and I was surprised to find that the tops section of black has been felled. All the trail is now on open moor rather than threading its was between trees. Felt quite odd really. With it being exposed, it was also proper muddy and I was soon covered in fine clay mud. The last bit of black was good fun, but for some reason they have now abandonded the log ride. You cant get onto it and its bypassed by just a bit of ordinary trail.

Trail diversions were in place which meant the bit of Black by the bridge was missed. All in all a very disapointing run back to the car from the end of the last black.

Don't think I'll bother going back.

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g said...

Its busy cos its easy lowey - the fuckin nobs that seeem to be invading our sport go there to boast to there idiot mates that they battered a black run over the w/e therefore they are superhuman. Its the same tools that ride the trails in the quarry before theyre open and then say how shit they are when their fucked in 6 mon ths g