Friday, 25 February 2011

Well Fack me, a night ride!

So glad I spunked all that money on a trout light, seeing as though I haven't had a night ride sine the beginning of December!!

Biking at the moment is proper hard work. Our weekly jockster outings and regular Sunday rides have vanished and we hardly seem to ride together anymore, well certainly not me with the lads due to complicated life shit.

So it was with great pleasure that I got my shit together and made it out with Jase and Weest for a Thursday night ride. And very fookin nice it was too. Horrocks fold, Woods, Holdens, steps, kennels, ICR, Gardens (where jase fucking bummed us both) hole in't wall and finally San Marino. Fast hard blast that was just what the doctor ordered.

Highlights of the ride were being sideways for the full length of the kennels, Jase setting a blistering pace down the ICR and me realising  that my front QR was loose halfway down San Marino, just before the jumps !

Me and Weester bailed on the beers and I'm skint and he's gay. Jase went on to the tap to meet toss and spray his testosterone all over the pub.

Was fookin roasting too... Surely dust is just around the corner now?


D0NK said...

"Surely dust is just around the corner now?"
Ahaha-ahaha-ahahahahahaha, it's pissed it down all weekend! I was up at the kennels yesterday still very wet but not half as sideways as last time, I can only assume it was the bonty mudX rear tyre.

Jason said...

"Gardens (where jase fucking bummed us both)"

Just to clarify, this is metaphorically speaking. No Bummage physically took place.