Sunday, 20 February 2011

Glee club.

After mums funeral I was ready to get out and about so singed up for the STW Peaks pootle, however last minute parential comitments put paid to that, but Binners kindly offer to take me out for a ride with Hora. Saturday dawned to rain and predictably hora bailed, but Binners was still up for a run. Been meaning to get out with him in years so was good to finally meet up.

Binners went through the mangle last year so was on hand to provide some further cheery words of support and as you can imagine the ride was a proper fun filled outing. Joking of course, it was good to have a chat about the various shit that life throws at us and how we all manage to deal with it.

Pretty straigtforward ride. Up to the pike, hole in't wall, San marino, called for a beer at the Bull but Al hadnt opened up the slacker, quarry and then Belmont road and down the ICR. Was wonderful to get out. Binners did well making it round intact as his back brake refused point blank to work at the top of San Marino, not good when it was slippery mud all the way down.

Nice 12 mile run out and great to finally get a ride in with Adam.

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andi said...

Sorry to hear about your mum.

Nothing like a good ride to clear your head, at least for a bit :)