Thursday, 2 December 2010

Blizzard Riding!

Just me and Toss on Wednesday night this time as we were at Kelsey's school on the Thursday. Really could have done with a beer or two but Toss fucked me off.

So 7.30 kick off and the snow was still down from Monday evening and it was bitterly cold and very slippy. The evening did not start well as I realised that I had forgotten my helmet at Blackburn Road and had to come back home. Up along Belmont Road and Horrocks fold the snow started coming down, aided by a pretty strong wind too. The fun started on climbing up Coal Pit Road. Compacted snow with fresh and still falling powder proved very slippy and we both had some close shaves, but managed to make it to the gate unscathed.

Snow was still billowing down as we set off.
I soon found out that my Advantage tyre was just balling up in the powder and progress up the rutted path was almost impossible, pedal five yards then fall off. Toss however was going great guns and was waiting form me for ages at the top.

The Snow relented by the time we reached the mast road and we bumped into another jockster. Turns out it was a guy of STW! Up past the mast and along to the Shoulder. Toss was at the bottom before i even got to the gulley. Slipping and sliding all over the shop and up on the edge the wind chill was murderous.

The spin along Belmont Road to Sheep Houses was slippy but fun and the views all around now were ace. The road section to Belmont was taken with care and followed by a steady spin home.

Great fun!

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