Friday, 10 December 2010

OBAD - The return

This year has been pretty good for riding... but the last few weeks have seen a return of OBAD and its a fucking shitter.

I hate not riding my bike. I hate the fact that the quiet December I had engineered at work has turned into the workload from hell. I hate the fact the the snow has now been replaced by mild pissy drizzle, so synonymous with the English winter, I hate the fact the I haven't been out to the dales or the peak or the lakes and I hate the fact the we aint had a Chrimbo ride this year.

In fact, I just hate everything at the moment. Got a right fucking cob on and its Christmas in a whisker over 2 weeks.

Fucked off ? yep.


Toss said...

PUFF of the highest order. WTF is OBAD anyway? Old, Boring, Arrogant Dickwart? If so, then its always OBAD with you innit!

Get a grip. T

lowey said...

Fuck off.

Jason said...

Yeah man up Dave you TART.

lowey said...

I would again draw YOUR attention to my previous comment also.