Sunday, 28 November 2010

Peaceful, spooky and Cold

That about summed up Sunday. Toss has broken himself wrestling a garage, Jase couldnt be arsed and the cryptic weester was apparently making hay while the sun shone. So that just left me. And with it being just me the motivation slipped a little, especially after Thursday nights efforts.

So, hardcore mountain biker that I am, I went and walked the fucking dog and ran the kids around. Deb, out the previous night, didnt get up till 1.30pm, further adding to the feeling of lethargy. I made a nice chicken dinner though, full trip, roasted chicken, roast spuds, veg and mash, on me own. Fucking get in!

The day eventually passed to night time and I felt a pang of guilt for not riding. So, after digesting my monster tea, I got kitted up and headed out at about 8pm. It was by this time seriously cold and no body about. The roads were well quiet, probably because it was Sunday night and everywhere was frozen solid.

Up to Horrocks fold, Walker Fold, and then the ciggy tunnel, off road past Smithills wood to Holdens farm. Everywhere was frozen and I really was feeling like the last man alive, no sound of traffic as the roads were all empty and not a soul in sight as I hit the mast road. Climbed up to the top and had a Tawny Owl for company. It joined me at Two Lads and then flew in the beam all the way up to the mast station. Brilliant!

San Marino and the wind chill was biting, got a fair bit of ice on the track now also so was a bit sketchy going down. ON Belmont Road, the temp really did drop and with the increased speed going home on tarmac I was really feeling the cold through the Thermastats.

Still got home in one piece. All in all a great solo night run out.


welshcyclist said...

Hi there, just discovered your blog, enjoyed your recent posts. What are you riding tyrewise to cope with the icy conditions?

Toss said...

Fook that for a game of soldiers! Night ride through the woods! On yer own!! Brrrggghh. T