Friday, 26 November 2010

Thursday Beers!

Well up for this ride! Had a great day on Sunday and we were going to have beers too!

So why the hell did my body not want to pedal a bike. The guys powered away from me as I blew my bollocks off all the way up to San Marino on a freezing night. The ground was wonderfully hard following the sub zero temperatures and Coal Pit rode really well with lots of grip. But I was fucked. Utterly incapable of turning the cranks. The guys had to wait ages for me at the top, but San Marino was brilliant. Frozen solid, Toss punctured at the top leaving me and Jase with a long wait at the bottom, Jase kindly running back up to see if all was ok and almost beat Toss down on foot!

Settled into the warm welcoming busom of the Bull for 5 pints of COTN followed by a more sensible ride home.

I couldnt keep up going home either.