Friday, 24 September 2010

Steady Eddies

Me, Toss, Weest and Jase out last night, Clarkey didnt charge his lights but I strongly suspected alterior motives for not making it.

It had pissed down all day so was looking like we would be getting a dowsing, however thankfully the rain held off all night. Toss was a bit under the weather so we decided on a low level ride.

Down the steps to the valley and up past the golf course and down to the bridge, already needing lights this early in the evening. Not good when mine is knackered. Not much light coming from the old HID now and the battery is only giving me about an hour. Still this was more that Weester achieved, he had forgotten to charge his light and it Conked out in Entwistle Forest. Fast blast back along the shore was a nightmare with the cobwebs, the front man getting covered in them so we took it in turns.

Through the car park and along to Wayoh, I bottled the stairs once again, with just Jase riding them. Through the muddy valley and home for a shower. First night ride this year where we have had to hose the bikes down after the ride... sign of things to come.

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D0NK said...

bugger that reminds me not charged my lights.
I see you've joined the twitterati, why are tweet conversations so bloody difficult to follow? half a dozen different pages and judicious use of the back button to view a short thread (or am I doing it wrong?)