Thursday, 30 September 2010

Midweek Mud

We were taking Jaz round her prospective new school on Thursday night so had to ride on Wednesday this week. I thought it may be a solo but Toss spotted the forecast and decided that Wednesday would be better so he joined me.

As it turned out it solidly pissed it down all Wednesday, the rain finally relenting around 6pm just in time for our 6.30 start. Blast down the valley I had in mind attempting Darwen Moor, so asked if Toss fancied the Golf Course or Hospital Road. We took the road as the ground was soaking. Up past the Last Drop and it was already going dark, but I held off with the lights till we got to the top of Witton Weavers. The Roller Coaster through the forest was well trecherous as the mud in the dips was so deep it grabbed your front wheel soon as you went near it, but it was great fun.

I was really struggling up to this point and after the short sharp climb to the Entwistle path, I was on the verge of bonking. Fookin light head and dizzy as fuck. Had a sit down and a bit of Tossers drink and I was ok, but the legs were still empty.

Past Cadshaw and we went up the Bastard. Its still a bastard, even in the dark. Up onto the moor proper and we stopped to switch off the lights. Total Darkness. We could have been the only people alive. The muddy descent to Lower Pasture has now convinced me that I really must get my act together and get some new tyres. The front is shit and the back it bald, I mean proper bald. I was utterly all over the place.

WW was fast, wet muddy and thankfully free of bummers for a change. We went through the forest and over to Cox Green for the finish through the quarry and Higher Ridings.

Totally caked in filth by the time we got back, but buzzing. 15 miles felt like a LOT longer.


D0NK said...

minion ST for the front, whatever you want out back, aslong as it's chunky - Bonty mudX are superb for winter.

Toss said...

Nice one Nibbs - was a blast... I remember the deer at Last Drop, Toads everywhere and the ominous Killer Road that is the A666 - proper shit me up did that! Good views over Manchester too from WW. Oh and your right - Not one solitary bummer thank fook. T